PRODUCTS - Render/Texture Products

At AUW Building Supplies, we stock the finest render and texture products.


MAC produce a range of cement-based and pre-mixed polymer renders suitable for application to a number of commonly used masonry and polystyrene building products.

  • Macrender, Macrender Coarse, Macrender HBS, Supaskim, Hi-Build, Dri-Patch, Macbond
  • 7 Year Guarantee

Quikcote produce a range of cement-based and polymer renders to suit a variety of different substrate surfaces.

  • Quikcote Acrylic Dry Render, Quikcote High Build Render, Quikcote Colorcote, Quikcote Quikpatch, Quikcote Flexipatch, Quikcote Hebel, Quikcote Dry Mix Texture, Quikcote Grey Medium Render, Quikcote Wetpatch
  • 10 Year Performance Guarantee
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